p r i m e f i n a n c i a l

PFG makes it easy to access your cash anywhere in the world and provides multiple options for reaching your accounts outside of banking hours or when traveling. Options include:

  • Online/mobile banking – Our banking app and online platform let you use your phone or laptop to check balances, transfer funds, pay bills and more from anywhere.
  • Wire transfers – Request domestic or international wire transfers by contacting us. Great for accessing larger amounts or sending funds abroad.
  • Travel debit cards and credit cards – Use your PFG debit card or credit card when traveling internationally to make purchases and withdraw cash from ATMs (subject to fees).
  • Foreign currency – Order foreign currency to be delivered to your branch or home to avoid carrying cash when traveling abroad. Over 50 currencies available.
  • Cashier’s checks – Purchase cashier’s checks before traveling that can be cashed almost anywhere around the world, providing secure access to your funds.

Contact your local branch for assistance preparing to bank and access cash while traveling domestically or internationally. We’re happy to help you access your accounts no matter where you are.