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Private Banking

Private Banking For The World’s Wealthiest

PFG’s Private Banking is dedicated to helping the world’s wealthiest individuals and families protect and grow their wealth. Our unique business model enables us to focus on fewer, larger, and more sophisticated clients with an average net worth above $100 million. Clients enjoy a highly customized experience, with access to a comprehensive range of products and services spanning investments, banking, lending, custody, wealth planning, real estate, art, aircraft finance, lending, and more.
We emphasize personalized advice, competitive pricing, and efficient execution in everything we do. PFG’s Private Banking can connect clients’ businesses to banking, capital markets, advisory services, and PFG’s other institutional resources.
Because our clients are increasingly global in their presence and financial needs, our unrivaled service enables them to have dedicated local bankers in as many regions of the world as they require. Therefore, they can enjoy seamless, cross-border service from a worldwide team working together as one.
We are committed to helping our clients preserve their wealth for themselves, their families, and future generations. As well as working with their other advisors to create appropriate structures and strategies, we help prepare their heirs for their future responsibilities as wealth owners and leaders of the family business.

Private Banking Services

  • Specialized Asset Management
  • Asset Allocation and Sovereign Debt
  • Wealth Planning, structuring and Management Services
  • Investment and Asset Management
  • Fiduciary and Trust Services
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Financing and corporate solutions
  • Exclusive services and opportunities
  • Tax advisory services
  • Marketable Securities Backed Finance
  • Residential Real Estate Finance
  • Specialized Asset Finance
  • Family enterprise succession services
  • Marginal Trading Facilities
  • Transaction banking
  • Advisory services
  • Alternative investments
  • Trust administration
  • Credit and Debit cards
  • Tailored Lending
  • Private funds and estate administration

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